Strategic Service Provider

Triangle consistently outperforms industry competitors by doing business differently. We seek to provide a strategic advantage to our clients whereas others are content to produce what is usually a one-time tactical benefit. Our business model depends largely on identifying ways to produce value to clients by:

  • Innovating rather than replicating. Instead of offering clients cookie-cutter service approaches year after year, we custom cater the service delivery process to fit the individual needs of the client, and then benchmark performance to identify areas of improvement as part of an ongoing process.
  • Positioning the client to be able to focus on outcome, rather than task, management. Through the timely performance data we provide, clients don't need to check up on what is being done because of the ability to measure the outcomes of services rendered.
  • Being a partner, not just another contractor. We actively engage in shared risk and reward programs with our clients, and avoid creating a transactional mindset because we know how the decisions we make today will translate to value tomorrow.