Expense Control

Today's economy is ultimately unstable, and everyone seems to be tightening their budget. You want to find ways to reduce operating costs, but you can't afford to sacrifice quality and expose your business to service gaps. At Triangle, we realized a long time ago that managing the incremental expenses of service delivery was critical to our delivering a sustainable cost effective service. That's why we have tight control over the non-labor costs of delivering service, including but not limited to: materials, supplies, tools, and equipment. Our expense management skills extend to our client's costs too! We put process controls in place so that expenses are micro-managed all of the time. Another way in which we control expense is by our choosing to self-perform services rather than subcontract - the common approach of other service providers. Self-performing tasks that others subcontract creates the opportunity for our clients to avoid multiple overhead and profit costs common when multiple services are contracted to multiple providers. Finally, our managerial eye is focused on the total-cost of service delivery and its relationship to accomplishing the desired service quality result.