Janitorial Services

First impressions are key, and your facility is leaving one on your customers and employees. Does it convey the message you're aiming for?

A first class, well maintained space represents a polished image that leaves an immediate visual impact on your customers and employees. At Triangle, we want to give you an edge over your competitors by giving you the best first impression possible while also making sure that your employees work in a clean and safe environment.

We pride ourselves in having used state-of-the-art green technologies long before the wave of "being green" was upon us. Our janitorial services are environmentally sustainable and compliant with USGBC standards.

Your buildings and facilities are unique. We put time and resources into creating a goal focused service package to meet high end level objectives, custom catering janitorial solutions to outperform industry standards. We lead the way in industry best practices, and actively engage employees with ongoing training and safety seminars.

We create value by skillfully balancing cost of service and the quality of service provided. In detail, our proactive janitorial specialists reverse engineer your current maintenance standards in order to break down the janitorial elements, service by service, after we inventory every space and everything within the space that needs to be cleaned. We look at traffic patterns: the parts of your building you use the most, the least, and everything in between. Allocating the perfect blend of manpower and resources, we implement written processes aimed at optimizing use.

Our computerized program for manpower modeling, work assignments, and quality control plans are core to using the information to better manage janitorial services. Our results are unlike anything you have ever experienced.