Leveraging Technology

At Triangle, the services we provide and/or manage are labor intensive, which is why we integrate technology into our service delivery processes. This leads to making better use of labor resources (and often, less labor cost), a predictably consistent outcome, and often, a freeing-up of funds that can be reallocated elsewhere, such as increasing service frequencies or as financial savings that fall to the bottom line. We utilize the latest software as the centerpiece to our services approach. For example, we custom cater our Enterprise Asset Management Software by developing a detailed list of facility assets requiring maintenance, produce detailed preventative maintenance plans, and track every maintenance action performed, leading to a detailed history for each and every asset. We pair GPS Tracking Technologies to our mobile service groups in airports and around town. We deploy computerized modeling software for our Janitorial Services Program by first inventorying the entire building we are cleaning. This not only leads to building specific task assignments, job cards, and training modules, but is key to providing clients with the ability to make informed decisions when faced with change or cost pressures. Finally, performance data and key performance indicators (KPIs) are available online to our customers in the way of reports and dashboards.