Process Driven Innovation

Even with our corporate sized resources and capital, we stay small-business-nimble by being process driven. Sustainable processes keep us competitive and in the position to out-execute industry peers on an operational level. Delivery of any facility or aviation support service is a labor based activity. In-house service departments and functionally aligned service providers are more likely to rely on the individual expertise of the people assigned to deliver services than they are to provide those people with a proven process that will lead to success. Not Triangle. We engineer processes that we know, when executed, will lead to the desired result. Triangle teaches people the processes and has the quality assurance plans to confirm that processes are being properly executed. This offers our clients a huge advantage, in that they don't have to worry about a service issue popping up because of a Triangle employee being out sick or a change in assignment. It all starts at the top. Triangle managers and executives exercise a simple and consistent progressive management cycle that always challenges the status quo:
Our management cycle depends on accurately benchmarking our service performance and tweaking or revising processes as necessary in the pursuit of excellence. Being process driven is one of the key reasons we have been able to replicate our high success rates over the past fifty years..