What Makes Us Different?

In today's uncertain economy, it's crucial that you know exactly what you're paying for. Do you? Are you getting exactly what you need from your service department or service provider(s)? When we speak to companies who haven't signed on with Triangle , we tend to hear many of the same comments:

  • "My provider kept the service rates the same, but there has been a drop-off in service levels."
  • "I discovered that I overpay for services I don't need while lacking in services that are necessary to my daily operations."
  • "The low cost service provider that won the contract damaged my facility systems with their shoddy workmanship and lack of experience."
  • "The people that I negotiated with only had a superficial understanding of my service needs. I thought I was getting a great rate with a reputable service provider. Now I'm locked into a three year contract with a company that wants to charge me more because they do not understand what they promised to do or the real cost to do it."
  • "My provider proved to be inflexible. My only options were to change providers again or purchase additional services."
  • "The technicians of the company that I outsourced to proved to be inexperienced. It cost me substantially more of my time to micro-manage what they were doing when I should have been free to manage outcomes."

Our strategic approach allows us to be the single point of accountability for our customer. We innovate rather than replicate service delivery, meaning how things were done in the past won't hold us back from finding new ways to do old things. We create client relationships where we have a vested interested in each other's success.