About Us

ShelterCLEAN  is an industry leader in bus stop, street furniture, transit amenities and outdoor advertising maintenance, repair, and management systems, keeping your transit lines and facilities safe, clean and protecting patrons from the elements. ShelterClean has remained a stalwart in this industry because of its commitment to customer service, longevity of management staff and frontline team members, and uncompromising standards of excellence while avoiding the temptations of lowering the bar simply to obtain billing rights to a customer. Our goal is to provide a partnership that is seamless and allows us to get the “headaches” while our customers sleep well at night; a virtual no worry service that lets ShelterClean get the job done safely, accurately and on-time.

Our Services

The ShelterCLEAN Services team has over three decades in bus shelter, street furniture and transit amenities maintenance, repair, installation, posting, and the management and maintenance of large, medium, and small public and privately run systems. We offer personalized and comprehensive bus shelter cleaning service, providing upkeep and maintenance with efficiency and precision without interrupting daily travelers and their schedules. Our services include regular cleaning of stops and shelters, damage reporting and repairs, stops and shelter installation and relocation, refurbishment and repainting, audit services and more.

Bus Shelter Maintenance include:

  • Bus Stop Shelters
  • Street Furniture
  • Transit Amenities
  • Transit and Mall Posting Services
  • Stop & Zones Maintenance
  • Train Stations & Transit Centers

Along with our first-class maintenance, repair, and installation services, ShelterCLEAN offers the support functions that include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Site selection and marking
  • Permit acquisition and execution
  • Sub-contractor liaison
  • Assembly of new products
  • Installation of new products
  • Complete record-keeping
  • Up-to-date information
  • Cost analysis
  • Inventory control and storage capability
  • Maintenance programs consulting

Outdoor Advertising is a powerful medium that influences and impacts thousands of people daily. Advertising on outdoor benches, tables, bike shares, and bus shelters/stops are all a common part of city living. Our specialized team of route specialists provide installation of structures, poster installation, cleaning and maintenance of the advertising structures. Because posting is always given the highest priority, we are continually pursuing more efficient methods of installation accuracy and quality, including those that help the posters hang smoother and visibly wrinkle free.

Outdoor Advertising Services include:

  • Installation
  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Stolen or Damaged Poster Replacement
  • Graffiti, Sticker Removal and Touch Up Paint
  • Broken or Etched Ad Glass Replacement
  • Bench and Trash Receptacle Replacement
  • Illumination
  • Asset Management and Tracking
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ShelterClean 4

Additional Services:

  • Graphics replacement (cross street, special areas, identification, logos, maintenance call numbers, etc.).
  • Special logo replacement (franchise name or image size change)
  • Structure doors, pieces, small parts replacement
  • Screen wall replacement
  • Roof fascia replacement
  • Roof clearing and cleaning
  • Roof patching (water leaks)
  • Special event pre-inspection and cleaning, including pressure washing
  • Special surveys
  • Twenty-four-hour emergency and after-hours service, seven days a week
Our Team

Perry Fine


Perry S. Fine started his career at Triangle Services in 1980, where he is currently a principal owner with his brother, Lonnie Fine, as well as the President of ShelterClean. Perry holds a Real Property Administrator (RPA) designation from the Building and Owners Management Association (BOMA), a Certified Property Management (CPM) designation from The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), and a Masters in Real Estate from New York University (NYU). His undergraduate studies focused on Accounting and Computer Science.

Alan Mudge

General Manager

Alan Mudge has over forty-years in the maintenance and repair of transit facilities and street furniture. He began as an entry-level route cleaner, moving through each level of the ranks to his current position as general manager. He has been instrumental in the creation, development, and implementation of maintenance, repair, and production procedures and methods relating to every aspect of transit shelter and street furniture operations. Alan received his degree in Business Administration from Glendale Community College.

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11065 Penrose Street, Sun Valley, CA 91352

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